Cash Advance Apps that don’t use Plaid – (More Details)

Cash advance Apps always come in handy whenever we need a little bit more extra cash, While most cash advance apps out there use plaid, Some cash advance apps don’t use Plaid,

( a third-party data aggregator) to collect your banking information.


With plaid, it is very easy to get your bank to get connected to mobile banks like Chime or Venmo, while most people prefer plaid, some Instead, may prefer to use another data aggregator or ask for your login credentials directly from your bank.


Although some of these users may feel more comfortable with Plaid, that doesn’t mean cash advance apps that don’t use Plaid are less secure, even though we advise that when considering whether to use a cash advance app, you should always read the privacy policy to understand how the app uses your information.

Are you curious about cash app apps that don’t use plaid? Don’t worry, we’ll discuss some of them so you know which one to choose for your cash advance.


1.MoneyLion App

MoneyLion app is one of third party banking apps that doesn’t need Plaid to operate.

Instacash from MoneyLion doesn’t use Plaid and they can offer you cash advances up to $500, this amount is not permanent though, there’s a high possibility it may be increased if you meet certain requirements.

MoneyLion also will give you other nice features such as a credit builder program and a RoarMoney banking account. Instacash isn’t a loan, and there are no hidden fees or interest charges.

Although MoneyLion supports Plaid, you don’t have to use it to connect your RoarMoney account to other apps. You can still use MoneyLion’s other features and services without using Plaid.

Another thing you should note is the fact that MoneyLion’s Instacash service is quick and also very convenient, although the fees for instant transfers can be high, especially if you are going for larger amounts.

What this means is that it may be more cost-effective if you will have the patience to wait a few days for your transfer or to use another service that may offer lower fees.

You also have to consider your own financial goals when deciding whether to use Instacash. MoneyLion has some advantages, one of such advantages is the fact you can potentially increase your advance amount which will allow you to defer payments.

However, there are also some disadvantages, including some fees you pay for instant delivery and a subscription cost for the credit building program.


Additionally , there have been some customer complaints about the service.

MoneyLion can provide you with advances of up to $500, or up to $1,000 if you have a RoarMoney account.


There is no set loan term, and repayments are automatic. Depending on the delivery method, the turnaround time for the advance can be up to five days or as little as a few minutes. For Instant delivery, they can come at a cost of $0.49 to $8.99, while regular delivery is free.



One@Work is another third party banking app that easily allows you to operate freely without Plaid.


One@Work is unique because it allows you to get 50% of your earned income before your payday, which is more than what most other apps offer. And the app has many tools to help you manage your money.

However, you need to work for a company that partners with Even in order to use its services.

The One@Work Earnin app allows you to manage your bills more effectively, like we said earlier, you will get access to up to 50% of your paycheck before payday, and get same-day funding if you cash out at a Walmart.

One major disadvantage is the fact the app is only available through select employers, and the advance is limited to wages you’ve already earned. Plus, there’s a monthly fee you’ll be mandated to pay.


3.B9 App

B9 is another option you should keep an eye on. With B9, you’ll be able to get up to $500 per pay period, more than what many other apps out there can give you.

However, you will need to open a checking account with B9 and set up direct deposit through your employer or the app to use the service.

There’s also a monthly fee. In exchange, you will get a range of budgeting and financial management tools. Please note that You need to have a B9 account and get your paycheck deposited to it.

After you’ve received your first deposit, you can apply for an advance. The advance will be available within an hour, but it’s likely it may start out small.

Automatically, borrowed money gets deducted from your next available paycheck.

B9 doesn’t charge transfer fees or interest, and even if you are a non resident, chances are that you may qualify.

But like said, you do have to pay a monthly membership fee, and you need to have a B9 account. There aren’t many other features, but their service is easy to use.


4.Cash App

Cash App through their Cash App Borrow system is another option if you are looking for a banking app that doesn’t require Plaid.

Cash App Borrow allows you to borrow money, but it’s only available to a limited number of users. Cash App Borrow charges a 5% fee for borrowing, which is similar to interest on a loan.

You might be eligible for Cash App Borrow based on where you live and how you use Cash App.

Some users say that they were able to use Borrow after sending payments through the app and adding cash to their balance.

What this means is You may be able to use Borrow even if you don’t have direct deposits. It’s also not necessary for you to use Plaid to connect your bank account.

To use the Cash App Borrow feature, you won’t need a credit check. And you may not even need direct deposits to your Cash App account to get access.

However, not everyone has access to Borrow, and you can only borrow up to $200 at a time. And you pay a 5% fee when you take out the advance.



We’ve completely analyzed some third party financial Apps out there you can use without the interference of Plaid, we talked about Cash App, B9, Money Lion and One@Work, all these


apps are very easy to use provided you have an account with them.