(Tips) Hypertension Treatment Using Herbs

Hypertension Treatment Using Herbs (Details)

Hypertension, Diabetes and Cholesterol issues can be treated easily using herbs and of course change of diets.


The food we eat are classified into two types. Alkaline and Acidic foods. The alkaline foods consists of mostly grains, vegetables and fruits. While acidic foods consists of mostly diary foods like yoghurt, milk, chesse, meat, oils, canned foods, sodas, refined sugar (When cooked), carbonated drinks etc.


Acidic Foods will predispose you towards having hypertension (High blood pressure, diabetes and bad cholesterol) They pollutes and destroys your guts health easily when consumed and sustained for more many years. You don’t fall sick suddenly, illness takes process to happen and the kind of food you consume, lifestyle play a very important roles.

Alkaline foods are the perfect food to live healthy. They put the body into perfect shape through gut healing and nourishment. Most foods that doesn’t take too much processing using heat, chemicals and preservation are beneficial to the body. It’s known facts that type one diabetes is caused by milk. Humans are the only humans that continued to consume milk throughout their life time.

The video below will enable you produce your own herbal solutions to treat hypertension, Diabetes and Cholesterol issues effectively.
Ingredients :

1. Beetroots
2. Tamarind
3. Ginger






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