Tesla Software Update Stuck


Tesla, owned by Billionaire Elon Musk, is one of the most reliable and trustworthy electric cars out there.

Over the years, Tesla has developed a reputation where they release over-the-air updates for their electric vehicles.

This system allows drivers to have access to the latest software features without having to undergo the stress of going to a dealership.


However, some Tesla owners have recently reported that their vehicles’ screens have become stuck during the update process, this situation often renders them unusable.


In some cases, the cars have become completely non-functional, they in most situations require the owners to undergo the stress of a visit to a Tesla service center.

Though the cause of this issue is still unknown, it has caused a great deal of frustration for those affected.


No doubt Tesla is working to fix the issue, some owners have taken to online forums to discuss potential solutions.

Some have suggested that the issue may be related to the car’s internet connection, others have suggested that a factory reset may help to resolve the problem.


However, the majority of owners have reported that they are still waiting for a fix from Tesla.


In the meantime, some owners have even resorted to avoiding software updates altogether, despite the fact they risk missing out on important bug fixes and new features.


In this blog post We’ll focus on the right actions you can take as regards to the situation.

At what point you should expect tesla software update stuck


For you to install a software update on your Tesla vehicles, you must go through two stages. The first is downloading the update, this step needs you to have a very strong and stable WiFi connection. Once the download reaches 100%, the car will attempt to install the update.


If the connection is interrupted during the download or installation process, the process will fail. In most cases, this can leave your vehicle’s screen stuck and unusable until the update is finished.

Possible reasons why a Tesla’s software update might get stuck and how you can solve it:


1. Weak or Unstable Wi-Fi Connection:

If the Wi-Fi connection you are using is weak or unstable, there’s High chances the download may not complete or the update may fail.


There are lots of ways for you to ensure that the Wi-Fi connection is strong and stable enough for the Tesla software update to download and install properly:


You should make sure the car is parked close to the Wi-Fi router, this will help fasten the connection and reduce the risk of your Tesla being stuck.

Try and use a dual-band router, you should make sure that it operates on the 5GHz band.

I will strongly advise that you use a dedicated or guest network for the car, without any other devices connected to it.

Try to connect the car to a faster internet service, a good recommendation is a fiber optic internet.

Make sure you reboot the router or disconnect any other devices from the Wi-Fi network.

Try restarting the car to see if the update continues.


2. Issues of Connectivity

Tesla uses over-the-air (OTA) updates to wirelessly transmit new software to their vehicles. The importance of OTA updates are just so much, OTA updates are important because they allow Tesla to improve the safety and performance of their vehicles. The updates are transmitted from Tesla’s servers to the car’s computer, which then installs the new software.

However, there are a few potential reasons why an OTA update may not complete and get stuck:

If you have a weak or unstable Wi-Fi connection.

In situations where there’s a problem with the car’s computer.

Issues with Tesla’s servers.

A temporary issue with the update itself.

If an OTA update gets stuck, the first thing you should try is restarting the car.

You can do this by going to the Controls menu and selecting the Restart option. If that doesn’t work, the next step is to reboot the car’s computer.

To do this, start by pressing and holding the brake and both scroll the wheels simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.

If neither of these solutions work, the best course of action for you is to contact Tesla customer support and explain the issue.


They may be able to fix the problem remotely or they could offer you additional troubleshooting tips.

You need to keep in mind that OTA updates are still a relatively new technology and occasional issues always spring up.



3. A timely Factor

You need to know that Tesla software updates can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to install.

In some cases, the installation may even take place overnight. This is because Tesla’s software updates are mostly large and complex, and the installation process needs a lot of processing power.


To check if a software update is available for your car, you can check the touchscreen or the mobile app. If an update is available, you’ll see a notification that gives you the option to install it right away or delay it.


You should know that some updates are more urgent than others and may need to be installed right away.

You need to be patient enough as the update may be frustrating and can get stuck at times.

Somegeneral solutions to software update that has been stuck

When your software update has been stuck, there are some troubleshooting processes you can follow, some include You should Check for a strong internet connection, if your Internet connections are not strong, chances are they’ll get stuck.

You need to Make sure your car is in a well-ventilated area, this will help reduce the chances of your software update being stuck.

Press and hold the brake and both scroll wheels for 10 seconds to reboot.

Alternatively, you can also Press and hold both sides of the touchscreen for 10 seconds to reboot.

If you can, try to turn off the car, disconnect the 12-volt battery, and wait 10 minutes.



If all of the instructions we provided in this blog post fails, you should contact Tesla customer support.

These are some solutions that may help if your Tesla software update is stuck.

Some may require the help of a technician or customer support representative.